Sedcom is a strategic I.T. Support business partner.  

Sedcom required a complete re-brand over-haul along with a fresh new website, online and printed collateral. 




Sedcom expressed the desire to re-brand its’ business of 10+ years.

JAM undertook extensive research to the current market, Sedcom’s position and the direction in which the business wants to be driven in.

By creating a range of possible identities, this allowed us to work collaboratively towards an icon and word-mark which truly represented Sedcom as a business with key and reliable services along with demonstrating a strong message to clients.


The hexagon shape was taken as an idea from the old icon, which consisted of 6 triangles; making it into a more up-to-date and current shape; the hexagon also has a message including the dot. “Sedcom, it starts and ends with you” (talking towards the client). This subliminal message is powerful to all potential and existing customers. Building the core value of Sedcom within the icon gives their company culture a positive and proud emotion to work within their organisation.

With the understanding of Sedcom and their values, ethos and a new direction, every part of the new brand has been thought about in-depth, from the colour palette, typography, pattern and placement.

Once finalising the new design, it was then applied consistently across all materials where new and existing clients could identify Sedcom.


Stationery Package

4pp Folder

Technician Uniform

Email Signatures

With the knowledge, we had gathered we were able to re-work the user experience of the new website. Pinning down all the relevant calls to action we needed to gather data and generate sales in order to maximise the website’s potential. 

New content was created to inform and educate clients in a clean, fresh design.

It was a pleasure working with you and you are a master of your craft. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, flexibility and many a late-night call! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you and your company. A huge thank you from us all at Sedcom – Your trusted IT partner.

Craig Butler

Operations Director, Sedcom

Extremely happy with what you have done for Sedcom. You are highly recommended.

Dean Rolfe

Managing Director, Sedcom

What we’ve accomplished:



Sedcom now has a brand identity they have always aspired to be. A complete refresh of design, consistently across all online and printed material, a vibrant trusted brand that now stands out from a crowded market, with a clear and concise message that represents who Sedcom are, what they do and why they do it.

Working collaboratively with Sedcom we’ve built a great relationship, and the design process went smoothly as it could knowing both parties were on the same page. This involved lots of face to face meetings, phone calls and updates to ensure all knew what to expect and when.